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I know exactly what prayer is

Prayer is personal. It doesn't need to be explained, much less defended or even talked about. I don't know who made all this, but I know it was made. What else do we need to know?

Write On

After four hours rolling from side to side in bed last night/this morning, thinking about all the exercise and writing I haven't been doing, I got up and opened The Unknown University - a collection of poems by Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño. I read the first two in order - I never usually read poetry books in order - and I decided the time had come to write on.

She had horses

Horses who stood out in the rain with her and horses who said they would but never did. 

Be vast

Maybe we all need to stop and think. To look at the world and our place in it. To stop obsessing over stupid and meaningless matters. To be vast.

Things change

Dust settles; perspective shifts. 

The ocean remains blue and peaceful.

Never mind the stupidity we have to face day after day created by men who stink of hate.


Living it up in the apocalypse

The world has become like this big old mansion you can walk or run through, opening doors into rooms without knowing what to find when you go in.

All this is being recorded

First and foremost, I was inciting nothing. Then, let's consider the demonstrable fact that "eat shit and die" is an established phrase in the English language.

Recipro City

I get ready in the light-dark-light and again wonder at the capacity of the human eye. The dogs are asleep. It's pre-dawn. I'm going for a run.

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